Project Avocado began as a human-centered design project of Design for America-NYU. It aimed to reduce food waste across NYU, by helping students share food with one another, hence building a stronger community of NYU students.

The NYU FREEdge evolved from Project Avocado.

It is an initiative that aims to reduce food insecurity and food wast on New York University’s campuses. project is a smart community refrigerator and social space where students, faculty and staff are invited to give and take food. The goal is to foster community engagement and trust and to create a movement around food sharing, reducing the environmental footprint from food wastage and provide food for those in need. The NYU FREEdge provides the community with an easy way to share, bond and grow together. With NYU’s high tuition and pricey cost of living, there are many students that find it difficult to afford food. At the same time, the university is one of the wealthiest in the country and produces enough food to feed all of its students, yet so much of it goes to waste every single day. We are committed to redirecting this food, whether it be from individuals, events, clubs, etc. to  members of the community that may be struggling with food insecurity. 


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