Project Critique at Frog Design Studio

Thanks to the amazing feedback and support from the community our project “The NYU Freedge” has made successful appearances in various events. One of them being the Design for America (DFA) Project Critique at Frog Design Studio. Well, to start with thank you everyone for all the love and providing us the opportunity to garner insights and expert opinions.

This event was a sneak peak to the NYU Freedge, and  an excellent platform for expert feedback and showcasing our prowess towards food insecurity. Like the last critique the audience consisted of DFA Teams  like FCA, SS Columbia, Med-line Project, Good Food Made Easy, Court Signage, Journalism Project, DFA Members, experts from Frog Design, NYU students and our lovely faculty mentor Anne Laure Fayard.

Our short demo of our Raspberry Pie System and a pitch about our idea was a hit. A constructive Q & A session that followed our presentation gave us valuable insights about wants and needs of people and possibilities of consideration. To sum it all it was a constructive critique that has fueled the fire towards our dream of accepting,sharing and connecting food with people even greater.

Here are few of the moments we captured from the event :


Our team is ready to take food sharing to the next level!


Feedback! Feedback – We value your inputs!

Check out the NYU Freedge at the MakerSpace at NYU Tandon School of Engineering| 6 Metrotech.

We look forward to hear from you, we welcome your comments, ideas and feedback!

And remember if you have food to spare, remember to share !

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